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Bo Bristle where great beer is born and bottled alive!

There are some things in life that you should be able to take for granted and great tasting beer is one of them. Bo Bristle beers are Grade A tonsil tinglers with the added benefit of putting hairs on your chest. We started the brewery in 2010 with the purpose of making exceptional beer which tastes like your favourite brew only far more interesting,
 using 100% natural malt
 and whole leaf hops.

The Bo Brewery is located in the Midlands town of Banagher on the banks of the river Shannon. It has along standing brewing tradition going back to 1834 where there was a distillery, a brewery, two tan yards, a malt house and corn mills in full operation in the town.

The town was once the focus of a thriving river business and was an important stop on the Dublin to Limerick navigation. A number of notable literary figures have stayed at Banagher, including novelist Charlotte Brontë who married a curate who was raised in Banagher.

The town is the source of the well-known phrase: “Well, that beats Banagher and Banagher beats the devil” but we don’t know quite where this came from!

We are constantly working to bring you the best possible pint. We use brewing techniques that have evolved over thousands of years and we source all our natural ingredients from around the globe. We’ve recently invested in creating a state of the art brewing facility using the very latest technology that gives us complete control over every stage of the process, from the fresh hops to the bottle tops. That means every single drop of our beer meets the rigorously high standards we demand.


Unit 5,
Banagher Enterprise Centre,
County Offaly.
Phone: 086-1250283
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