Let the arching trees which cascade on either side of the river welcome you into the small village of Drumsna. The town’s name means ‘The ridge of the swimming place’ and this reflects the traditional activities that the town is known for, namely swimming, angling and water sports. The harbour is only a short walk from the village and is an ideal spot for a picnic.

The famous Victorian novelist Anthony Trollope spent some time in the town during the 1840s when he penned his novel ‘The McDermott’s of Ballycloran’. At this time Drumsna was the busiest trading town in the county of Leitrim and the harbour (built in 1817) was a hive of activity as most of the nearby town-lands would rely on imports from Drumsna to survive.

The Doon of Drumsna was an ancient Iron Age walled fortification and is one of the oldest artificial man-made structures in the world. It contains an earth and stone wall which stretches through the loop of the Shannon from Drumsna to Jamestown. It was built around 200 BC to protect the Seat of Connacht, which was fourteen miles to the south of the structure, from northern enemies. It is estimated that it would have taken 10,000 men two years to build with half a million tonnes of soil and about 60,000 trees. The Doon is now nothing more than a ditch which runs through several farmers’ lands; however viewing aerial pictures of the site can set anyone’s imagination alight.

For some exercise there is the Shannonside Walking Trail through the leafy area known as The Flaggy Bottom. This will take you along the loop of the Shannon and makes for beautiful viewing. For the children there is a playground in the town which should provide plenty of entertainment.


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