Jamestown is located on the westerly side of the loop of the Shannon and its harbour is just a short walk from the town. You might notice that the name Jamestown isn’t similar to the other town names that you have been passing through and that is because Jamestown was the site of an old English plantation. Now it is a quiet and humble town with a passion for angling but there is ample evidence of its former use; thick stone walls and ruins can be seen everywhere.

Founded by the royal charter of King James I in 1622, the walled town was built to house an English plantation. The remains of these walls are clearly visible and the pillars from the entry arch are located on the main road into the town. The arch was built by Hugh O’Beirne who lived in Jamestown House. Hugh played a big part in fight for Catholic Emancipation during the latter part of the 18th century and is regarded as a local hero. The top of the arch was damaged by a lorry in the 1970s and removed for safety reasons, leaving the two pillars we see today.

This town can be easily managed by foot. There are brass signs and historical information marking out a heritage trail in the town, which is worth exploring. The Arch Bar, on the main street offers a friendly welcome and is lively at the weekends. Terry in the local fishing tackle shop is on call seven days a week if you need bait, reels or rods.

Located outside the arch is the intimate and beautiful Cottage Restaurant, which people travel from all over Ireland to visit. It has recently been noted nationally as one of the top five most promising restaurants in the country, so it is recommended that you book early. Sham, the head chef is famous in these parts and in the past year he has created a beautiful range of artisan sauces and chutneys which can be purchased in the restaurant. These sauces will give any meal you cook on board your cruiser a real burst of flavour so do visit.

This year the town will be celebrating the annual Jamestown show. This event takes place on the 25th and 26th of July and is sure to be an entertaining weekend so please visit.

Must Do

  • Book in for a meal in The Cottage restaurant.
  • Explore the heritage trail.
  • Relax and enjoy a pint in The Arch Bar.


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