The lovely holiday village of Knockvicar is located at the mouth of Lough Key and is a perfect location to moor up for an evening or a weekend. Tara marina provides easy access to the village and has modern facilities along lovely Bar and Restaurant to enjoy. This popular stop-over is easily spotted from the river and is usually buzzing with cruisers mooring up to enjoy and lovely meal and entertainment during the summer months. Further into the centre of the village and just a short walk from the marina is Bernie’s shop and post office. This may be your last chance to stock up on supplies before exploring Lough Key so take advantage.

The Knockvicar organic gardens are less than a kilometre past Bernie’s shop. Here you will get all the fresh vegetables and produce you need to give your meals flavour and quality. The gardens are open to visitors and at their centre-piece is a wonderfully crafted clay oven. Occasionally during the summer months, the oven is lit and the locals gather to feast. A visit is recommended and you may even get lucky and stumble upon the party.

One local in particular has recently been featured on a National Geographic documentary. John Burke who provides for the log cabin holidays along the banks of the Boyle River was the subject to a remarkable discovery. An excavation of his land revealed a complex, multi‐period site with Neolithic, Bronze Age and Medieval components. This ecclesiastical site is mentioned frequently in the annals during the 13th century and is directly associated with the O’Connor kings of Connacht, clearly making it a location of high status. The ruins of a small fortified building and a possible early Hall House have been extensively explored and interpreted as the likely remains of the Bishop’s Palace, built in 1253 AD. The later use of the site appears to have been based on the site’s already established role as an Early Medieval enclosed settlement. Over 120 skeletons have been excavated from a large, well managed cemetery, ranging in date from the 7th to 14th centuries AD. Hundreds of prehistoric artefacts have been recovered from all medieval contexts and extensive field walking indicating the intensive use of the site during prehistory.

There is a looped bog walking trail which starts near the organic gardens. It will take you along the river, through forestry and over bog. It provides for an eclectic offering of wildlife, flora and fauna and contributes to the relaxing atmosphere of the village.

Must Do

  • Visit the organic gardens.
  • Take the bog looped tour.
  • Enjoy a meal in the Tara Marina Restaurant.



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