Roma Pizzeria

Roma Take Away & Pizzeria is a family run traditional fish and chips restaurant centred on providing the best quality food and service for our customers. As a family we have a unanimous motto of “Honesty is the Best Policy” and we stay true to that with every meal we make.

Our 100% Irish products are skilfully prepared and handmade on a daily basis. We believe in making first class food, taking into account the smallest details to guarantee the highest standards for our customers. At Roma we appraise ourselves for making genuine, traditional fish and chips. Giving you the wholesome and homemade food of this tradition. We are also proud to say that Romas’s pizzas are award winners. In the 2007 Italian World Pizza Making Competition in Naples our very own co-owner of Roma, won first place for his imaginative pizza creation. And thus our pizza menu has been designed by him, combining different flavours and textures to give you a mouth-watering Italian experience. All our staff here at Roma have been taught and trained in the right methods of replicating great Italian tastes for your palate by our award winning pizza chef.

As well as our love for making delicious homemade food, we are highly motivated in providing a friendly and reliably service. At Roma we know that the secret of running a happy and successful business is taking care of the customer as well as providing them with the highest quality and best tasting product. Here we are happy to listen to our customers so we can help create and improve the best possible service for them.


St Patrick's Street,

Phone: (090) 9759574
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