The first thing that you will notice is the magnificent bridge which stretches across the Shannon. This beautifully arched structure, completed in 1757, is where the name ‘Shannonbridge’ comes from. Mooring points are located on either side of the bridge and are only a short distance from the main street. This picturesque town is a hive of tourist activity during the summer and there are many attractions in the area to visit.

The old fort restaurant next to the bridge is one of the most iconic buildings along the Shannon. It has been beautifully restored in recent years and is now a very popular restaurant in a very unique setting. It is certainly worth visiting and dining here is a really captivating experience, the food is great too! The fort was built by the British to secure the river Shannon against a potential invasion by Napoleon in the early 19th century. There is a signposted walking tour of the fort and Shannonbridge’s historical sites to follow and the tourist office will happily assist with information on all the local attractions and will arrange whatever transport you require.

‘Lukers Bar’ which is easily seen from entering the town has also undergone some spectacular renovations and boasts a secret or two. It contains a brilliantly-preserved pub which instantly catapults you back in time to the 1750s when it was first opened. Everything from the last remaining Victoria Regina fire place in the British Isles to the tobacco-stained shelves remains remarkably unchanged. Three hundred years have passed but not in this little pub!

John, the owner, is happy to provide all tourists with a tour and an evening of enjoyment in this authentic old Irish setting. The bar and restaurant offers some stuning views of the river and is a very enjoyable place to vist.

Further into the town, is the famous Killeen’s Bar and you will find live music here on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday nights from May to October. It is a wonderful place which offers an atmosphere that is rarely surpassed throughout the entire region. The Bar also offers visitors a chance to solve their frustrating T-puzzle. This challenge has been attempted by many but only completed by a select few. So make sure to ask when visiting. The bar also doubles up as a local shop and fishing tackle and has featured in many travel shows and documentaries, it is certainly worth visiting.

The town seems to have an atmosphere all to itself. Traditional Irish music and creamy pints of stout are part of the simple order of things around here, so relax and enjoy the friendly banter.

Must Do:

  • Visit Lukers 18th century pub.
  • Try the T-puzzle in Killeen’s Bar.
  • Enjoy a meal in the Old Fort Restaurant.


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