New to Boating?

If this is your first time to embark on a boating holiday, don’t worry, many of our holiday makers are first timers. All of our boats are extremely easy to handle and no previous experience is required before taking the helm.

Free Training

Upon your arrival at one of our hire bases, a class on how to operate the boat and the safety procedures that you are required to follow will be provided to you. This class will cover the following points.

– How to operate and steer the boat.

– How to operate locks.

– Your daily boat checks.

– Safety procedures.

To ensure that you get the most out of captaining your own vessel and are completely confident it is advised that you ask as any questions as possible during this class.

Physical Activity

Unlike other self catering holidays there is a certain amount of physical activity required to operating a boat. This mostly centres around passing through locks and berthing for the night. We recommend that you have at least two adult crew members in your party to assist with these activities. This small amount of physical activity can sometimes cause discomfort for elderly and disabled customers. If you have any concerns regarding any of the members of your crew we suggest that you contact us to discuss these issues in advance of booking.

Exploring the Waterways

Boating is a wonderful way to relax, unwind and enjoy a world rarely seen by the average holidaymaker. A boating holiday will satisfy needs that you may not have even realised existed and soothe your soul. The waterways we cater for are full of attractions, activities, historic sites, beautiful villages & towns and stunning scenery. You can use our website to plan which places you would like to visit and what you would like to see and do. You can even use the mobile version of the Discover Waterways website to explore these region while on board. Our cruises are based in some of the most popular waterways in the world which are full of sun, colour, wildlife, nature and of course great food, wine and ale. Let us help you in planing your perfect boating getaway.

What’s included in the price?

Fuel: In Ireland you will have to pay for the fuel you have used when you return to base, much like hiring a car.

Licence: Your boating licence is included in the price of hire.

Extras: When viewing boats on this website you will notice a panel for optional extras. Depending on which extras you choose, these will then be factored into the price of the hire.

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