The beautiful fishing village of Kesh is located in the northern part of lower Lough Erne. Known for its relaxing atmosphere it is a popular stopping point for cruisers.  There are a few lovely pubs and restaurants to enjoy and the area is normally buzzing with marine activities.

One amazing historical site is located nearby on Boa Island where the Janus figures attract visitors all year round. A ferry from Lustybeg provides access to this. The name Boa comes from the Celtic goddess of war (Badhbh). The figures are within Caldragh cemetery on the island. This is a Celtic cemetery dating from 400-800 AD. The taller figure is known as a Janus figure as it contains a back to back carving of a male and female. The second smaller figure is known as the Lusty man and it was originally found in another early Celtic cemetery on Lusty Island which is south of here. Both figures may sometimes by viewed under a canopy as the have already been badly weathered.

Tully castle is a local attraction at Tully point and is a picturesque setting. This two story ruin stands proudly in the middle of lushly restored seventeen century gardens. The castle is accessed through it visitor centre and is only a short walk from the car park and mooring jetty. It was built in the early 17th by Sir John Hume and was a strategically located strong house. On Christmas day 1641 it was burned to the ground by the Maguire’s of Enniskillen. A traditionally dominant clan is these parts. Having never been re opened it was purchased by the state in 1974 and restored to it current glory.

Kesh is a great place to stock up on supplies and the people are friendly and full of information. It is very popular for anglers and attracts them all year round.



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