Tarmonbarry is a quiet little village with a relaxing feel to it. It has a lovely marina and a couple of restaurants and pubs make up the nucleus of the village. There is a lock and a lifting bridge, which must be opened for larger cruisers.

Tarmonbarry originated from an abbey that was built here by Saint Berach(Barry) in the 6thcentury. A beautiful shrine in the town is dedicated to this. There is a legend about Saint Barry which tells of a miracle he performed here. He urgently needed to cross the river to tend to a sick comrade. Being in desperate need of a boat, he turned a large boulder into a simple craft and crossed the river. This was thought to be an old tale until the late 19th century, when a boat-shaped boulder was found deep in the bank of the river. The boulder now rests in Whitehall Church which is 2km north of the town.

For more excitement, a trip to Longford town is recommended.


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